Coherence 2.0_

Reflections through lenses of Teochew Opera and Nan Quan The work will be discovering the main movement concepts of Nan Quan, a southern Chinese martial art form that passed down to Chinese communities in Malaysia, and its connections and somatic commonalities between Cantonese and Teochew Opera in Malaysia, to seek resemblance in aesthetics of our […]

Ibuki 息吹


Ibuki meaning breath. Ibuki is a performance research dedicated to utilize breath control to its fullest potential, aiding the performer in physiological and psychological control. In the direction of Somatic practices, Ibuki threads the fine line between taking care of the performer’s body whilst performing at the same time. Can Somatic-Dancing be a performance itself? […]

& Lovely Colour matters (?) An investigative journey to understand why and how colourism within the Indian community exists. A personal yet universal story told through the lens of an Indian dancer, explored with a spirit of curiosity. Unpacking lived experience using critical theory and research on the Indian complexion complex, all in hopes of sparking […]

Tabula Rasa

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