Body, Brain & Breath

Between Dance and Drama Bodily awareness is essential to the performer; to know the body is to be able to utilize the body  efficiently while breath awareness promotes the attainment of deep connections to the space and self. Based on the premise that expressions are activated only when body and breath work simultaneously, this workshop […]

ASAS ASAS investigates the process of choreographic approach to what is New Creation in Malay dance. In this short incubation period, the work utilised a reference point from Zubir Abdullah’s composition titled Zapin Budi, a Zapin genre music.

as i see it: mind/mine   This series of works relates to dance as I see it – as a world imagines with instructions (subtle and direct) and text that initiates movement. In removing all that I know about dance, I consider: what else might there be left?

Death’s Pathos

“Live how we can, yet die we must” – William Shakespeare There are many emotions around the idea of death – sadness, hopelessness, fear, relief, happiness, pride, etc. However, if death can be personified, how will she choose to view all these human emotions? After all, in the eyes of Death, everything is fair and […]

Care in Dance Training

In dance-making and dance training settings, dance practitioners are often encouraged to push their limits and explore outside of their comfort zone. This often creates traumatic experiences as dancers internalise unequal power relationships while value judgements are being placed onto their bodies and actions. The objective of this workshop is to expose dance practitioners to […]

Malay Drills Malay Drills is a power-play between audiences and players on stage, an interactive work debating who decides what the Malay identity is. Through this work, Malay dance as a presumed root of identity is questioned and presented with the rigidity of military drills, providing commentary on the unyielding nature of “traditions”.

Mahulu (Mahu tapi Malu)   Inspired by the traditional art of bahulu-making, this piece focuses on the journey towards an uncertain and non-guaranteed success despite one having to go through a painstakingly long process filled with trial-and-error. Concurrently, this piece also highlights the impact of modernization of cultural values such as humility, and team spirit.

Serampang Ber(T12-Da)k Serampang Ber(T12-Da)k recontextualizes Serampang 12 by exploring contemporary perspectives of courtship. This work seeks to investigate the gender dynamics at play in Serampang 12 and reimagines the dance through a modern lens by exploring aspects of agency in courtship and communication strategies in the age of social media.

Traditional x Modernity

The term “traditional” has done a huge disservice to forms that have developed along the years, adapting to society’s evolving standards and tastes. This workshop offers a critique to the assumption of fixed and unevolving traditional form, using Malay dance as a case study. Through this critical lens, participants are made to ask the question […]

Moving through Text, Devising for Dance

What inspires movement?  What are the creative synergies between dance and text?   Moving Through Text invites dancers to come together to explore the rich potential of text in inspiring ideation, creation and movement. Facilitated by Norhaizad Adam and Hasyimah Harith from P7:1SMA, this workshop will draw on techniques of improvisation and devising to guide […]