Mahulu (Mahu tapi Malu)


March 30, 2022

Words By

Muhammad Fawwaz

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Inspired by the traditional art of bahulu-making, this piece focuses on the journey towards an uncertain and non-guaranteed success despite one having to go through a painstakingly long process filled with trial-and-error. Concurrently, this piece also highlights the impact of modernization of cultural values such as humility, and team spirit.


Muhammad Fawwaz

“I dance not to entertain but to help people better understand each other. Because through dance I have experienced the wordless joy of freedom, I seek it more fully now for my people and for all people everywhere” – Pearl Primus

My art is rooted in my history and fed by the present. I am an artist who believes that dance is language. I use choreography to express feelings, thoughts and ideas – similar to how words function in spoken languages. I am interested in exploring the relevance of traditional dance in today’s ever-evolving society, especially with the youth.

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