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March 17, 2022

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Krithika Soma

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Colour matters (?)

An investigative journey to understand why and how colourism within the Indian community exists. A personal yet universal story told through the lens of an Indian dancer, explored with a spirit of curiosity. Unpacking lived experience using critical theory and research on the Indian complexion complex, all in hopes of sparking kindly awareness.


Krithika Soma

Krithika, 27, is a multi-disciplinary artist who has always been drawn to how art heals. Having been immersed in the arts since the age of 5, rooted in a strong foundation in Indian dance (Bharathanatyam) and music (Carnatic Vocal), Krithika then trained in Western dance styles (Ballet, Contemporary Dance) and fell in love examining art across genres. Krithika continues to develop herself as both a dance and music artist, as she sees the two as inseparable.

Krithika has worked with local and international choreographers, and has choreographed for television, and festivals such as Kalaa Utsavam and the Brahmastra Festival of Arts and Music. Naturally drawn to critical analysis and deconstructing the human condition, Krithika pursued a BA (Hons) in English Literature and brings this inquisitive acuity to every artistic endeavour.

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