Ibuki 息吹


March 18, 2022

Words By

Xenres Kirishima

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Ibuki meaning breath.

Ibuki is a performance research dedicated to utilize breath control to its fullest potential, aiding the performer in physiological and psychological control. In the direction of Somatic practices, Ibuki threads the fine line between taking care of the performer’s body whilst performing at the same time. Can Somatic-Dancing be a performance itself?

Ibuki’s foundational research draws from traditional practices such as Qigong, Taiji, Yoga and modern dance such as Chinese Dance. Where the usage and emphasis on breathwork and control sparked the idea of Somatic Performance (– the foundation of life – thus the foundation of your dance)


Xenres Kirishima

Xenres started his dance journey in 2016 at the age of 19, auditioned and entered Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in July 2016. Xenres competed in the first Contemporary Dance competition organized by The Flux Collective as top prize winner “Judge’s Choice” with his own choreography in September 2018. Xenres was also invited as a guest artist to perform for International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore IBGPS 2019 with an original work.

Xenres managed his own production with his working partner on an independent artist project titled “Project Up Side Right’ in January 2020 and was partially funded by National Arts Council. Presently, Xenres is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), and the creative lead for Kirishima Dance Corps. 霧嶋舞踊隊. Xenres was commissioned to choreographed for several events such as M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival 2020/2021, Scape/CANVAS 2021 and Emergence 2021. Xenres focuses on devising an inter-culture style of contemporary dance that is heavily inspired by the philosophies of Yoga, Taichi, Chinese Dance, Aikido, Karate and Capoeira, and is developing his own movement vocabulary and technique titled “Water Breath Technique”. With Kirishima Dance Corps. ‘s vision to bridge eastern and western art culture, and mission is to utilize art to educate and spread awareness on mental health disorder.

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