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March 21, 2022

Words By

Chan Kar Kah

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Reflections through lenses of Teochew Opera and Nan Quan

The work will be discovering the main movement concepts of Nan Quan, a southern Chinese martial art form that passed down to Chinese communities in Malaysia, and its connections and somatic commonalities between Cantonese and Teochew Opera in Malaysia, to seek resemblance in aesthetics of our heritage through Chinese Dance.


Chan Kar Kah

Kar Kah, Chan (b.1997) is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, and educator based in Malaysia. She was trained in the background of Chinese classical dance, Chinese ethnic folk dance and contemporary dance under Beijing Normal University.

Kar Kah founded Marrow Collective that explores the interstices of dance and visual arts in 2018, and has been committed to her interdisciplinary practices. Her works surround the ancestral traditions and collective memories of the Malaysian Chinese community. Her investigations seeks to find the commonalities of the somatic memories between Chinese Opera and Chinese Martial Art (南拳), and their influences on Chinese Dance in Malaysia.

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